Can anyone offer advice for changing a connecting flight with Asia Miles?

I have jumped in and made an Asia Miles RTW redemption before the point change on the 22/6.
To make this work at the time I had to accept a flight pairing with a long layover.

Currently the married flight is as follows:
Depart 27 May 23.55pm Arrive 28 May 5.10am
Depart 29 May 2.05am Arrive 29 May 18.25pm

As you can see this is not ideal as it means my husband & I have a 21hour layover.
Since I made the booking I can see that there is 2x Business class award availability for
Depart 28 May 12:55 Arrive 28 May 18:05.
This would reduce my layover to a more acceptable 8hours.

When I called they could see the availability but could not make the change because its a “married flight”

They said I would have to cancel the whole sector and there was no guarantee it would be available to re book.

I really don’t want to loose my DOH to PER flight.

Has anyone had experience with this? What are the chances of the DOH to PER flight disappearing for good if I cancel it, or someone snapping it up before the assistant re books it. Or am I better off just searching for availability for DME to PER closer to the date.

I would be grateful for any thoughts and advice.

My advice is keep calling back until you find an agent willing to modify your booking.

Be prepared to spend all day on the phone though.