Can anyone explain the Krisflyer RTW rules?

I am planning, working towards doing a RTW trip with my wife in 2021 using my KrisFlyer points.

Points Hack had an article about it recently, including the rules, most are clear but as I’m reasonably new to this could someone explain these ones:

  • You are allowed a maximum of 16 segments (meaning individual flights)

  • and seven cities

  • and you cannot purchase additional stopovers

  • You may stopover only once in each city and no more than twice in any one country

I understand the 16 segments but how can you have a maximum of 7 cities with 16 flights? 16 flights, shouldn’t you be landing in 16 cities?

I’m not understanding the stopovers? Then what is meant by you can only stop over in one city? Why would you stop there more than once?

Also, we’re planning 2 months away Aug/Sep 2021 when should we look at booking this?

Thanks for any feedback.

Just reading the points that you included, I would read it as, you cannot have more than 16 flights, you can stopover in up to 7 cities, no stoping over in the same city.

Example, Sydney-Singapore-Bangkok-Istanbul-London-New York- Los Angeles-Singapore-Sydney. You could stop over in all 6 cities but you cannot stopover in Singapore the second time. You could transit in Singapore and fly back to Sydney. Even though you have only stopped over in 6 cities.