Can anyone explain the Hoyts Silver joining fee? $13 or 2300 Qantas points

I’m so confused:
For example - i just received an email that I could use points to join Hoyt’s for 2300 flyer points. If you consider that on average you get 1 point per $ spent is it correct to assume that the $13 joining fee or 2300 point equates to $2,300??? Isn’t that a wasteful way to spend points??

Hi jessiegirl

I think you are referring to the Hoyts Silver program, which is $13 or 2,600 Qantas points per year.

Yes that is a shocking waste of points IMO. Even if you conservatively value QFF points at 1c (real value is probably closer to 2c or more), at 2,600 points, you are paying the equivalent of $26. So makes sense to pay $13 cash.

But I suppose if you have millions of points stacked up, burning a tiny amount wouldn’t be a calamity.