Can a Qantas Gold member request and pay for a Qantas classic upgrade for me?

Hi there,

I’m looking to purchase a Flex Fare internationally and use points to request an upgrade. I’m currently a Qantas Bronze FF member however my partner is a Gold member. If she was to buy the flight in my name and request an upgrade using her points (which I can transfer to her name) does this increase my chances of getting an upgrade as the request is from a Gold member? Does it matter whether or not she is flying with me or do they only look at the status of the person who has booked and used their points?

Any assistance you could give would be great.


this will only work if you and your partner (is a valid family member) are travelling together and the booking for you both is under her.


If there are multiple people travelling in your booking and all passengers are eligible family members, your online request for a Classic Upgrade Reward will apply to each passenger

I requested an upgrade for my son earlier this year using my points on a Qantas Melbourne to LA flight. He missed out on business class but he was successful in getting a Premium Economy upgrade.

I wasn’t travelling with him - there’s an option for requesting upgrades for family members, you just need the booking reference.