Buying economy tickets and upgrading with Qantas points to business. Is this a good option?

Hi folks,

Quick question – we’re planning on going to Spain in December (from Canberra/Sydney) – and I was wondering if we purchased economy tickets with Qantas (or a partner airline), how many points (per person) would you need to upgrade from economy to business (or premium economy) for the return journey?

And how soon before flying can you try to ‘upgrade’?

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You can only use Qantas points to upgrade on Qantas flight number flights and has to be on Qantas metal (aircraft).

Another thing is you need to buy non sale economy tickets to upgrade (more expensive) and still don’t get a guarantee upgrade. You only find out close to departure date.

Personally, I prefer to use my points on outright redemptions. However, it costs more points.

You can apply for an upgrade anytime after you’ve booked but you only find out 24 hours before the flight unless you’re platinum status.

Qantas doesn’t fly to Spain so as above you can’t upgrade on non qantas flights. Secondly as above you need to buy flexible economy which is often expensive

Also number of points to upgrade is available by looking at the points calculator on the Qantas frequent flyer website.