Buying AAdvantage miles with bonus and transferring from IHG

I am looking at taking up the offer of the 100,000 points from AAdvantage however my award flight costs 160-180k, AAdvantage states that you can only gift/buy a combined amount of 100,000 points per calendar year, however if I was to purchase and transfer the remaining 60-80k from IHG would I qualify ?

Hi there,

The buying miles restriction only applies to purchased miles. Transferred miles from hotel programs and other sources don’t count toward that 100k limit, so yes, you could transfer over a heap of IHG or SPG points to top up, if you have enough.

Hi unless it is urgent you could wait for a points sale where they give bonuses instead of discounts. My preference has always been to buy points during bonuses with AA because of the annual cap, instead of the discount. The points per dollar costs the same anyway but getting bonus miles is better because we cant earn AA miles easily. During bonus offers you could get 150k points for the same costs as buying 100k points with on a discount.