Business class to Europe for family of 4 - suggestions on the best ways to accumulate Krisflyer/Velocity points on spend?

We have been accumulating Krisflyer points via Citi rewards & flights without paying much attention. I now have 480K points, my husband 130K, daughter has 10K. Son has 70K Velocity, hubby also accrues Velocity but not many. I have made all family members redemption nominees. We want to redeem for 4 business class return to Europe in 2018 (190K Krisflyer points each), but now need better planning how to make that happen. We earn via a Citi Signature Visa (2.5 Citi: 1 Krisflyer) with me as primary card holder so I get all the points (use to run our business) and a Citi Platinum (3 Citi: 1 Krisflyer) with husband as primary card holder. Any ideas how we can even out our balances or target spending to make this trip happen? Thanks in advance

Ditch the woeful earn on the Citibank card.

Get yourself an AMEX explorer (1.5KF miles per $) and the Virgin highflyer VISA ($1 per point for the first $8k each month).

This will accelerate your earning far beyond your current 0.4points per $

When it’s time to book consider booking yourself and husband seperately (pending availability). 2 award tickets on the same flight is doable whilst 4 is much harder.

Thanks Stuart, we’ve been pretty lazy about collecting points and I know we can get a better deal. Thanks for the suggestion

You’re only 100k KF short of your goal (if the velocity is transferred to KF)

A single sign up bonus will get you close to your goal. Take StuartJ’s advice, it’ll get you a bunch of sign up bonus points (which should put you at your goal) and put you in a better position for earning of future spend.

Keep in mind you may need to take your flights as pairs as it’ll be hard to find 4x J seats on the same flights. Just need to figure out who wants to travel with whom.