Brisbane to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific flight - How to redeem with Asia miles?

Hi, I have never ever redeemed any ff points before so I am totally new at this and absolutely clueless/confused.

I am travelling to Hong Kong late April 2017 to late May 2017 and I have figured that Asia Miles is the better option - Cathay Pacific 80000 points return+tax. (Please correct if I am wrong)
Now there is two of us + newborn travelling and I only have 130000 points.

I am wishing to travel business class for both people return for honeymoon. How do I go about this?
Do I book online a single business return ticket (80000) points + buy a single economy return ticket ($1550) and upgrade that to business return for (50000) points? Am I guaranteed business or will it be premium economy? It says online if the plane has premium economy it will be that instead of business class, the plane I have looked has premium economy. If I book online am I guaranteed that ticket or can I be downgraded when checking-in?
Or do I book two economy return tickets ($3000) and upgrade them to business using my points (50000 x2).

Or is there a better way?

Thanks in advance!! All this is like a new language for me :frowning:


I would suggest redeeming 1 award seat with 80k and buying 1 premium econ to be upgraded to business for 22.5k.

As there are 2 configurations for the A330 and B777 that CX flies SYD-HKG there are some risk of the plane having PE. If you bought Econ, you will either be bumped up to PE or business (if PE is not available). There can always be last minute change of aircraft used. If you are happy to take the risk of having to sit separately for the flight, go for economy and pray for the right aircraft type (no PE). PE is not bad but it is not business. I believe CX business is now flatbeds.

Not forgetting the bub. The bub’s ticket will have to bought for approx 11% of an adult business ticket.

Bub’s ticket could be bought closer to the date of departure and linked to your booking as there is no concern of seat availability.

Most importantly, make sure there are business class availability before buying the PE or Economy tickets. Also, make sure your econ or PE ticket is eligible for upgrade. (Flexible Econ Y, B, H, K, or M and Prem Econ W-, R-)

I would suggest booking sooner rather than later. Good luck.

With regards to buying 2 econ tickets to upgrade, you have to be paying for flexible fare Y, B, H, K, or M to be eligible for upgrades. You have to weight up the cost difference.

If you redeemed an award business class, you won’t be downgraded upon check in. If they had to bump you down to PE or Econ, they would have to compensate you and/or provide you with an alternative flight.

thank you so much!