Booking with Velocity points - Is it possible to book a stopover with Etihad to Europe and also redeem a direct flight from Singapore to Canberra?

Hi all,

Am planning a trip later this year to Europe via Abu Dhabi outbound and via Singapore return (utilising direct to Canberra option). Will be looking for Velocity redemptions (or Krisflyer for the return) but also open to paying cash for some sectors.

We want a couple of nights in Abu Dhabi to catchup with friends there - is it possible to book a stopover with a Velocity Etihad redemption to Europe (eg. Rome) or am I better off booking to Abu Dhabi and then a separate flight on to Europe.

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to redeem direct Singapore-Canberra flights via Velocity - any searches I do on Velocity only return options via other capitals but I can see availability via Krisflyer (which may be the better redemption option anyway).

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.


From memory, Velocity redemptions does not allow stopovers. If you want stopovers, it will be priced as 2 separate award redemptions (more costly in points).

For the Canberra to Singapore flight, try ringing Velocity directly and ask them. Some flights are not shown on the website.