Booking a multi month Qantas Oneworld RTW trip

I am planning to use my Qantas points to book a oneworld around the world classic reward flight. I understand I have 12 months to complete the itinerary. The first of my flights will occur in April 2023 and then I plan more flights in Dec/Jan 2023/24. Therefore reward seats will open for booking for my first planned flights soon but the remainder are unlikely to be open until late this year or early next year. Can I book the early flights first then add the final flights later? It seems likely that in booking the early flights I may not immediately meet the rules for a Oneworld RTW reward trip as I may not be using two airlines besides Qantas for the early flights. When I add the final flights later will the reward then automatically re-price as a Oneworld RTW ticket?

Note that I have asked this question of Qantas too for official advice and am awaiting a response.

Hi @mbinder,
You can definitely book the earlier flights and then add later flights, but bear in mind if you decide to change any that there may be a cost of 5000 QF points per change, although this is currently waived if you book before June 30 2022 and change before Dec 31 2022. If it doesn’t immediately meet the rules for a Oneworld Classic Reward it should reprice as such when you add the other flights on, although I would be hesitant to plan a RTW trip around alot of flights that you are unsure of the reward availability, so it may be better to wait until you have a few dates locked in, but of course up to you. I.e. I probably wouldn’t just book the first flight, then tack on extra flights after, but that may be dictated by your circumstances. Good luck!

Thanks for the response. I agree the booking may be risky when we don’t know what availability there will be for the 2nd half of the trip, but we have the immediate bonus of being covered by the flexible flight rewards guarantee if we book the first part by the 30th June. So worst case scenario we could simply just cancel.

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Make sure you’re first set of flights don’t have you landing in your starting country again before commencing the second trip, otherwise they become separate trips.

ie - if you live in BNE, and start trip one from there, as soon as you land in AU, you basically can transit to your home city and thats it.

Some people start in AKL or SIN - Dili might now be an option thanks to Qantas