Booked Qatar return Business class to Germany for $3788 - Should I quote my Qantas FF to the booking?

Hi Keith, I recently booked Qatar return Business class to Germany for $3788 and would like to find out pros and cons of quote my Qantas FF or Qatar privilege club?

Last year I quoted my Qantas FF on a return to London with Qatar and only received about half the amount of status credit and points vs flying direct with Qantas/emirates.

Hi Alex

Using the airline calculators I worked out the following.  If credited to Qantas you should earn 240 status credits and around 20,000 points.  Enough to get from bronze to…still bronze.

If credited to qatar privelige club, and assuming you booked the cheapest tickets you should earn 150 qpoints, enough to reach silver status and around 26000 qmiles.

It really depends on which airline you will be using more regularly as well as other personal choices.  For example I recently completed 3 trips on Qatar with fares costing around $590 each, but netting a healthy 460 status credits to my Qantas account each trip, as I fly Qantas and Emirates more often.  As a result I went from bronze to platinum for less than 2500 including positioning flights.

Hope some of this is useful.