Blocked from purchasing Alaska MilagePlan miles - any suggestions on how to solve?

Hi Point Hacks team

Over the past month I have tried on numerous occasions to purchase Points from Alaska, while there are bonus points available.
After several failed attempts, I wrote an email to Alaska mileage plan.
Their first email informed me that for some reason the payment had failed and I would not be charged.
After further failed attempts I emailed them again. This time I was told that I was being blocked from purchasing Points as I had not previously flown with them, nor was I a resident of the USA or Canada.
As such, further comment was made that I simply appeared to be funnelling Points.

I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and if there are any suggestions to remedy it so that I can purchase points in the future?


That seems very strange. Many people inside and outside the US use Alaska like this. They shouldn’t sell miles if they don’t want people buying them!

Have you got any points in your account already? Maybe set up a new account under another email address and try again if not?

Hi Scott,

Is this a recently opened account with Alaska Mileage Plan?

For what its worth, have a read of Michael Kao’s response in this question below. It may be relevant to your case.

-point hack-questions/question/could-not-buy-any-points-or-miles-due-to-credit-card-reasons

Otherwise, please reply with more info and we will try to help.


Thanks for the above responses!

The account is around 3 months old, but does not have any points in it.

This series of attempted purchases was to be my first accumulation of points with Alaska, as I was going to use them for a Cathay business fed from Hong Kong to brisbane return in October.

I think I may have to open a new account, as this one seems to have been flagged for some reason.