Best ways to use Velocity Points for Japan Trip in May?

Hi All,

I am potentially looking to book a Japan trip around Mid May 2017 (short lead time I know)

Around 12th - 23rd may range.

Flying from Sydney - Singapore - Japan (Return)

This is for two people.

Ideally Business, happy to do - Sydney - Singapore (Business) and the other leg Economy.

Thinking about converting all 600k to Kris Flyer miles at the 0.75 conversion would give me 450k Krisflyer.

Any advice on the best way to structure this trip, Ideally want one leg business.

Thank You!


I’m no expert , but will try and help.

Having a look around the dates you wanted there is literally no business class available, so i came up with a few alternatives that may be of interest.

Using the dates of May 11 - May 22 (2PAX)

Prem Econ Sydney to Japan(NRT) + First Class/Suites Japan to Sydney

P/ECO - SYD>NRT: 114,750KF + $564.84 (777-300ER BOTH LEGS)

F/C NRT>SYD:161,500KF + $553.62 (777-300ER(NRT>SIN) A380(SIN>SYD)

TOTAL 276,250KF(372,938 Velocity) + $1,119.46 taxes

you will need to book this at 2 separate legs as you cannot book a return multi-class flight (although i have read some people have managed to do it via the call centre)

another option is First both ways :slight_smile:

same dates as above


777-300er sydney to Japan & Japan to Singapore

A380 Suites Singapore to Sydney

TOTAL 323,000KF(436,050 Velocity) + $1232.00 taxes

if was me i would go option 1.  Prem Economy is still fantastic and you get the added bonus experiencing First Class Suites on the way back! +  you will still have around 225,000 Velocity Points spare to use for your next trip.

P.S I wouldn’t leave it too much longer to book a) the flights will go pretty quickly and b) singapore are removing the 15% point discount when booking online i think on the 23rd of March

Hope this helps! let me know how you go

Hi there,

Incidentally, my BIL has also made a the same booking not too long ago with Velocity points-> Krisflyer transfer for May.

I would suggest checking all AU cities that fly to SIN for the dates you would like to fly to. If the connecting flights don’t line up, you may have to consider stay over in SIN.

If you have enough KF miles and would prefer not to pay the surcharge, you may consider booking after March 23. It would require more KF miles though.

Personally, I would book as soon as possible.

Good luck.