Best ways to use Qantas points to get to Canada/UK from Brisbane?

Hi All,

We have around 350-400,000 points and would like to use them to take a business class flight (so we can lay down to sleep on the plane) to Canada or UK. It’s so convoluted and we’re looking to find someone who will look for the best value that we could get for our points whether that’s just flights or car hire, hotel or camper hire.

I have looked at a few different places like I fly flat and the likes but can work out if they do this or not? Its just a once off thing that we need.

Any advice that could point us in the right direction would be very much appreciated.


You’ll need to specify:\r\n\r\nWhat points currency? (Qantas, velocity, Krisflyer, Amex, other?)\r\nWhere are you traveling from?\r\nWhen are you looking to travel?\r\nBe prepared to be flexible ?

We have qantas points\r\nBrisbane - canada or UK\r\nLooking to travel around sept 2018\r\nWe do are prepared to flexible.\r\nThanks

I suggest booking Aug/Sept 2017. Be ready when the dates you want to book on gets released. Book 1 way at a time as the return date would be released at a later date. Best to get an idea of what flights you want to go on and what date so that all you need to do is make a redemption online or over the phone on the day itself. It pays to do a pretend redemption too for dates closest to the edge of the calendar (it should be open to July 2018 now) so that you know what to expect (how many pts is required, how much taxes is required, etc).

The redemption rates are always best for business class (or premium or first) flights.

Hotels’ own points scheme are best.  Special deals to buy points are featured on this site.

Lastly I would not recommend iflyflat.  The service is very expensive and for the most part I’ve found rewards flights in 10-20 mins searching or looking over a period of several days.