Best ways to use 400K Velocity Points for 3 Business Class seats from Australia to Rome or London?

Hi All

We are a family of 3 intending to travel to London/Rome late August/early September 2018. Our son will be 11 at time of travel and we intend to stay in Europe for at least 4 weeks.

My wife works for Virgin Australia therefore we can fly out of any port in Australia, and currently we have 411k Velocity Points. We are trying to fly business class as much as possible.

I have started the investigation path, and called up Velocity help desk to check availability, number of points required etc. There is availability out of Perth on Etihad, although the taxes seem quite high ($1500 per person!). Singapore has the best taxes, but we use more points (I’m guessing due to the 1.35 point ratio to Krisflyer miles). I have also created a trial account with Expert Flyer and I also see a number of seats available around this date.

Since we don’t have enough points for return, and we want to book sooner than later to lock the flights away, we were thinking the best use of points would be to book the return leg on Business Class from either Rome or London back to Australia - can we do this? Singapore was quoted 139,000 points one way.

So my question basically is what is the best use of 400K Velocity points to (or from) either Rome or London flying a family of 3 Business Class as much as possible?

You’re stuck at an awkward number of points. 1.5 return journey or 3x 1way.

you could use the velocity (or transfer to KF) to book 3x J one way to Europe (3x J on single flight will be hard to find).

Then look at buying Alaska Miles or AA miles to get the home legs booked.

When are you intending to fly? you could just book the J*3 to Europe first then apply for few Velocity Credit Cards to get the return later. 400K isn’t enough for 3 im afraid ;(