Best ways to use 400,000 Velocity points for flight (for family of 4) from Melbourne to Rome in December 2018?

Looking for advice to best use Velocity points for flights for a family of 4 from Melbourne to Rome and return. At this stage I have just over 400,000 velocity points.
Thank you

Do you want to fly business or economy? All on the same flight or can you manage one parent with one child each flying on two flights?

Singapore Airlines is your best bet with velocity points, either direct through velocity or transferred to KF miles.

We have always struggled to find tickets for Rome.  Flying Singapore we tend to go to Frankfurt (short flight back to Italy), Zurich (train back to Milan) or Milan direct.  You will need to be flexible with dates.  We have flown as a family of 4 business class about 6 times to Italy or Switzerland in December - this year we have booked flights into Milan

Thank you all for your help!