Best ways to upgrade to Business class using Qantas points?

Hi all,

My first post in this forum, and hoping for some advice.

I’m looking at booking 2x Qantas tickets Melb-London (return) later this year and wanting to use my Qantas FF points to upgrade to Business class. I’ve had a look at different tickets and they’re average costs and what points I’ll need.

  1. What day is best to fly to have best chance that business class seats will be available to upgrade to?

  2. Can you use your points through Qantas website to upgrade Business if they’re Emirates flights (I asssume codeshare as they have QF ref)? Do you have better chance requesting points upgrade on the Emirates flights rather than full Qantas flights?

  3. I’m Bronze FF but my partner is Silver. Would we have better chance if I transferred my points across and we book of the Silver FF membership?

We’ve got points sitting there, however trying to find best possible options to secure upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

hi Michael

  1. someone I knew who used to work in Qantas said Wednesday is the best day as it's lowest demand
  2. no . Qantas upgrades are only on Qantas operated flights.
  3. yes