Best ways to status match Velocity Gold to Star Alliance Gold?

Made a rookie error by assuming Velocity was part of Star Alliance (because of their link with Air NZ & Singapore Airlines).
After stacking to get to gold (mostly disc econ or econ fares) I had the rude awakening - Velocity gold is not Star Alliance gold !!
I have a bunch of short & long hauls to book for the coming 12 months.
Is there a quick way to get full Star Alliance gold recognition with my Velocity gold status ?
If I push on to Platinum with Velocity will it make a difference in obtaining Star Alliance recognition.
Or is my only option to start building from scratch with a genuine Star Alliance member ?

Any help is much appreciated as I need to start booking some of these trips asap.
Most future bookings will be economy or disc econ.


Your best bet is to try and get status matched, most likely with the likes of Turkish Airlines.

Platinum velocity has no bearing on getting star alliance gold.  because you could get to platinum velocity by not flying one star alliance airline flight

getting star alliance gold I think is easiest with Turkish or Aegean airways.

But how you get there may depend on where are you flying ie you may want to fly Singapore airlines if you are flying a lot to Asia and or Europe