Best ways to redeem return award flights with Virgin from Perth to the US - book them together or separately?

hi, had a bit of a search but cant find it (or my glasses so that could be why)

but I want to book with virgin to the US, from perth with Kris flyer, as I think its better than using points to go syd then the us.

when the way over comes available to book, how do I book the return?
or do I have to wait to book in one hit?
or do a separate booking each way?

going for 2 weeks-ish



I may need glasses too. Having read and reread your question a few times, I struggle to understand your question fully. I can only get that you want to go from PER to USA. Do you want to use Krisflyer or Velocity points? Do you want to fly on Singapore or Virgin metal (aircraft)?

Which ever FF points you intend to use in this case, return tickets cost the same as two one ways. Only think with Krisflyer is you get a free stopover if you book return tickets.

What class of seat are you planning to redeem? For 1 passenger?


yes, im after perth to the US, 2 people in economy.

I think I should go krisflyer, being on the west coast I think itd work out a bit cheaper points wise, as id have to go to Sydney, then to Lax

what im asking(sorry I made it so confusing) is that how do I book the return trip with points?

is it best to wait until the date is available, and book them both at once, or does it work out the same to book the way there, wait 2 weeks, and book the return trip/

I’m guessing doing it that way runs the chance of missing out.


hope that’s a bit clearer… thanks!