Best ways to redeem Qatar Qmiles for First Class tickets?

I’m a newbie in this all (travelling world).

I have at this moment some Qatar miles, how can I best spend them?
Want to fly once in my life in First Class.

Do I use them best on using them for Qatar tickets, or better for an other oneworld airline for example Qantas?

Thanks for the help

PS: Am I asking the right questons?

I would suggest having a look at how much it costs in miles to fly on the route you want to fly and whether they have First Class on that route. - to find out the route distance


Then, figure out if you can accumulate the require miles effectively or quick enough. Use to compare whether it is cheaper to accumulate other frequent flyer points/miles to fly the same route in First Class. e.g. it may require you 200k Q miles to fly A to B but it just require 100k Qantas pts to fly the same route. You only have 10k Q miles in your account but you could earn Qantas pts twice as fast as Q miles. I would then focus on collecting Qantas pts.

Thanks for your help.

I hope I can figure it out