Best ways to redeem long haul flights to Europe for 2 with Qantas points?

Hi we have 350,000 points for redeem on our o/s trip to Europe.

I’m wondering if its best to redeem a return flight to Beijing in Business Class. And book separate flights from Beijing to Athens and Vienna to Beijing so that at least 1/2 of our flight time is in business class: -

Book one way fully in Business Class and pay for a return ticket from Europe to Sydney.

Unfortunately Dubai is out of the question as there are no seats available in June 2018. Beijing or Hong Kong seems to have the most availability in FF points in business?

Also would we need to go through customs at a stop over airport if our ticket isn’t the full distance?



Without comparing the cost difference of the 2 options, personally, I prefer to book both person on 1 way.

That way you don’t have any concerns of luggage not being checked through; seats not being allocated together, etc. Not really a deal breaker but just cleaner itinerary, IMO.

I would use my points on the outgoing or ingoing flights depending on which direction is more expensive.

Hope that helps.

I can’t comment on customs etc. If the flights are on the same airline but 2 different booking references, you are pretty certain to be able to check through luggages and get both boarding passes.