Best ways to plan family trip for next year to Egypt & Europe?


I am new here and new to seriously collecting points.

I am wanting to plan a family holiday for maybe around Nov or early Dec 2018 for 4 people (my husband and I, and our kids who will be aged 5 and 8 at the time of the trip).

The place we really want to get to for the kids is Santa’s Lapland near Finland.

Since we are flying over to the other side of the world, we were thinking about dropping into a few other places along the way. My son has ASD and is ancient Egypt-obsessed and wants so badly to go to the valley of the kings, so maybe we could go past there.

And if we needed to stop over in Asia for a leg then maybe near lego land Malaysia or Disney Hong Kong??

How do you go about selecting legs and airlines for the most cost effective? If we do it in legs will we be better off. When do we need to book for the best savings?

I have about 150,000 points with Virgin, and about 50,000 with Qantas.

Unfortunately your points totals are insufficient to take a family of 4 to Europe. So you will need to buy a cash fare.  Since you are wanting to visit many places I’d suggest you speak to a travel agent as this won’t be a simple online booking. You should not December is start of peak season so airfares are expensive and get extremely expensive week before xmas