Best ways to maximise the value of Qantas Points?

I know that Matt regularly values QFF points at around $0.02, however I value them a bit higher.

We have used QFF points in the past to upgrade from economy to business and got around $0.03 value. However we have just booked two one way flights to Manchester from Sydney flying first class with Emirates. The “retail cost” is $22,336.00 and we booked using 384,000 points plus $1280.00 in surcharges. That works out to me to be $0.05.5 per QFF points in value.

That is what I value my QFF points at as we always use them for business or first.

Just looked at connecting business class flights within Europe and have decided to pay full freight rather than use points as at 26,000 points that to me is $1300 per flight. Better to pay for the flight (around 70% of that cost) and accumulate points and status credits.

Any comments or ways to use points more effectively?

everyone's valuation is different.  you are right there are some instances where you are better off paying full fare