Best ways to get to Poland or close enough using Virgin Velocity Points?


I’ve got a stupid amount of points to burn with Virgin, and have a wedding in Poland to attend in July, but it appears Virgin doesn’t have a direct flight there.

Anyone know the best use, and available way to use points to get there and back from PER?

Don’t mind if economy, business or first. Guessing may need to pay for a Europe leg into Poland which is fine, just no budget carriers as I’m 6’3 and don’t fit comfortably in seat pitches such as Jetstars (however their Dreamliner was ok)



A quick search found PER->AUH->BRU->WAW via Etihad (Partly operated by Brussels Airlines ->I suspect the last leg).

I am not very certain how well multi-city redemptions work with Velocity. I think PER->BRU should be fairly straight forward to redeem if availabilities are there.

Try searching on the website or ring up Velocity to ask for availabilities and book.

Be aware that Velocity redemption on Etihad involves a Velocity surcharge.

Otherwise, you can try Singapore Airlines to a EU port.

Cheapest redemptions on Velocity are the ones with the word “Reward”.

I’d be looking for SQ flights into any of Copenhagen, Munich, Moscow. Then connect.

Or transfer to KF and do a *A award for the same thing but tack on the connecting flight to Poland for no extra points (I think it works out 10k points cheaper actually?)