Best ways to get enough points to fly from Vancouver to Australia?

I’m wanting to take my wife on a holiday and need advice as to which credit card should be taken to build up enough points to fly from Vancouver home. I’ve read all about the various cards and didn’t realise how confusing it can be so any suggestions or advice is appreciated. We looked at the Amex 100,000 points at $395 p/annum and then many more. Thx so much DS


FYI, PointHacks can’t advise on credit card choice.

Vancouver to Sydney one way business class cost:

  • 72k Enrich (flying on Qantas direct) 48k Econ
  • 85k Asia Miles (flying on Qantas direct) 55k Econ
  • 96k Qantas (flying on Qantas direct) 48k Econ
  • 97.5k Krisflyer (flying on AC direct) 55k Econ
Also, the Amex Explorer 100k signup bonus points, transfers to 75k airlines points. So depending on which points you are hoping to use to redeem flights and what class of flights, you may need to source other ways to increase your point balance too.