Best ways to find Business class rewards seats from Melbourne to New York using Krisflyer?

Hi there,

I am looking to book reward business class flights for two from Melbourne to New York for some time next year.
I have plenty of Krisflyer points saved up, but I cannot find a good solution for using Krisflyer for this route.

Does anyone have some advice to offer?

Thanks in advance.



Couple of options.

The only flight on Singapore to New York would require you to fly:

  • Melbourne > Singapore
  • Singapore > Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt > NYC
This would cost 118,000 points + $AUD180, one way, per person. Main downside is that is a very long set of flights, although you could stopover in Frankfurt for $100 each to break it up.

Another option is to use your Singapore points to fly on a Star Alliance carrier. The point costs can be found here:

It looks like it is 97,500 points one way, per person. One potential option is to fly United as they are Star Alliance. You can search their award availability on and then call Singapore to book.

Hope that helps.


I’d be looking to do a star alliance redemption on  Air Canada personally, with AC starting flights direct from Melbourne to Vancouver shortly. The other option, of course, is United.

Unless you’d prefer to spend more time in the air (I wouldn’t) then flying the long way round to get to JFK via SIN & FRA.

AC would be MEL > LAX > EWR, and you’d be on a 787 for all segments.

UA would be MEL > YVR > EWR, and you’d be on a 787 for the MEL > YVR leg, then on something probably less nice (757 probably).

Both costs are identical in points, but I can’t help with extras (taxes, fuel surchage, etc).

Best bet is to search for availability on the UA site, and then call KF to ask about the costs and then make the booking.