Best ways to book USA Domestic Business Class rewards seats?

Hey All,

I’ve tried searching this website & others looking for some tips to book business & first class seats domestically in the US.

I’ve managed to book a combination of some saver & standard reward seats for the full family with SQ for Melbourne-Los Angeles return.

Now I’m really struggling to work out the best way/value to get business/first seats domestically in the US. Currently earn most points with Amex(Australia) and transfer to Virgin & Singapore when needed.

I’ve been able to find economy reward seats on Delta through searching on the Virgin website but struggling to find premium cabin seats. If anyone has any tips I’d greatly appreciate it!


You’re better off buying 1st class on Delta (w/ family pooling of course) and banking those sweet sweet SCs to get cheap VA status.

You could try *A awards on UA through KF, but you’d have to call to book, nothing online.

Also you could try asiamiles to book AA.