Best ways to book Qantas business class award flights to New York around June/July/August?

i have 480k points and im flexible with dates june/july/august, but I cant find any dates to maximise my points for the cheapest flight for 2 people flying business return. Everything is $10,000 plus and the points only reduce total cost by $2000 which seems unreasonable. Any help would be appreciated

unfortunately with 3-5 months away , and it being peak season you have left it late. What seats that may be available may only be single seats. keep in mind that seats are released 11 months in advance so many people literally book them once available for the peak seasons.



I had a quick look and find that the major road block is the flight in & out of Australia for the 3 months you are after.

If you are willing to position yourself in SIN, DXB, BKK, etc. you should still find plenty of availability.

Not the maximum value for your points but still a good use of Qantas points.

Emirates (all airlines) flights from HKG also attract low surcharges.