Best ways to book business class RTW with Qantas points?

Hey all

I am looking at booking 2x business class RTW with oneworld Classic Flight Reward for 280k points per person.

Just hoping to get some help as I am new to this.

  1. Is there somewhere I can find the list of all the requirements / rules? E.g. I can see <35,000 miles, 5 stop overs max, 2 non Qantas flight (don’t even need a single Qantas flight I believe). Is there anything else? E.g. is there a minimum number of continents rule?

  2. If I would like to book for 2 people - what’s the best way to do this? Get the other person’s points transferred to my account?

  3. I am finding as per this website, that some flights are missing from Qantas’ website - e.g. some Qatar and MAS flights. If I would like those flights, does that mean that I have to book through the phone? If I am booking through the phone - does the $70 booking fee pp apply? And could the agent handle two persons booking so there is no need to transfer points?

  4. What is a good website to check whether the business class flight I will be on has flatbed or not?

  5. Any advice on what routes / cities generally have good availability? We are quite flexible about where to go


Hi shockrave,

Here are my 2c on some of your questions.

  1. This is one of the most popular article on PointHacks; in case you haven’t already read this. It has some good tips. You don’t have to go around the world. As long as it is less than 35000 miles in total. There are some subtle rules but the article below should cover most of these.

Using Qantas points for round the world redemptions

  1. Using a family member that has higher Qantas status helps.

  2. For missing flights not searchable on Qantas, you could create a free account on British Executive and JAL Mileage Bank to search.

  3. I like to use to compare seats/flights. Another handy tool is Google Flights Chrome extension

How to easily compare legroom across a number of flights in just one glance

  1. Not 100% sure but popular ones are AU to USA direct. If you have the time and are flexible, you could fly some of the more obscure routes if you struggle to find availability.