Best ways to accumulate points for Europe - Melbourne on Singapore Airlines?

Ok so I have the grand ambition of bringing myself and my SO back from Europe next year (APR/JUN) on Singapore First Class (suite).

At the moment I have around 60,000 Virgin points and have a CBA Diamond amex/visa for earning.

I believe I need 148,000 x2 Kris Flyer miles = 296,000

My plan is as follows.
Sign my partner and I both up to separate AMEX Velocity cards. - 200,00 Virgin miles
I should be easily up to 100,000 Virgin miles in the next 3 months which brings us up to 300,000 Virgin miles.

Then hopefully sign up to another bonus (not directly through AMEX due to time restrictions) but through a bank and hopefully, bank another 70,000 bonus velocity or 50,000 Kris Flyer miles X2 which will get us there. 400,000 Velocity will be 298,000 Kris.

Is this the best path for getting there over going Amex Explorer and then transferring all my velocity?

Is this feasible? Am I going to be able to get a one-way award First ticket through Singapore? I can really leave from London, Paris or Frankfurt if one is easy to get than the other.

Is there another option that I am not thinking of?

Any advice welcome


Hi schweitzburger,

I think your strategy for collecting adequate point is quite sound. Credit card sign up bonus is the core way a lot of people including myself accumulate points in a meaningful way.

For example, 100k signup bonus for Amex Explorer give you 75k Krisflyer miles. 100k Velocity points give you 74k Krisflyer miles.

Please also consider your personal circumstances (credit rating) when applying a lot of credit cards. Keep you credit score in check on or

However, if you are thinking of APR/JUN 2018, you may have to hurry up because the flights have been made available for booking around APR/JUN 2017. Some of the flights may be sold out or waitlist only. However, it seems that you are quite flexible as to which EU port you are flying out of and the dates you would like to fly on.

You could have a play and see whether there are any seats remaining for outright redemptions (not waitlist). You don’t need the required points to search on You only need a Krisflyer account, which is free.

Good luck.