Best way to get business reward flights from Brisbane to Japan in January 2020

I have approx 450000 velocity points and 400000 Qantas points and 150k amex reward points. I am keen to use them to / from Japan

Problem 1 . Only a bronze Qantas member and the 308 days v 323 days is making me think I’m better getting an economy reward seat and requesting an upgrade? Rather than risk waiting for a full reward.

Problem 2. Virgin seem to have very little availability for reward flights. while Krisflyer have business seats at 83000 each way. My velocity points will be devauled if I transfer? And if I transfer to Krisflyer I am guessing I’ll have to use the points so can’t hold out for a Qantas upgrade anyway.

Also are velocity points relatively useless…so should I just transfer them to Krisflyer and cut my losses.

Basically what’s my best options to get there and back…

Ideally I would love to be on the Qantas BNE/ SYD/KIX FLIGHT UP and the NRT/ BNE flight back but really want the overnighter to be business class.

Thanks a bunch


If it is not in the first week of January 2020, I would suggest booking in once the dates open for the flights you want on Qantas (308 days is correct. However, I would check everyday.

I have never bought an economy ticket and requested an upgrade. One, the eligible economy fare is generally more expensive than the cheapest economy fare. Two, having no status with Qantas, you have maybe less than 5% probability of getting an upgrade. You only find out close to the fight date too. We call this the Upgrade lottery.

Personally, I like to have a bit more certainty to my travel planning. You have sufficient points too so I would suggest an outright redemption instead of an upgrade.

I would also use the Velocity points to redeem Singapore Airline flights as a backup. if Velocity can’t see the same flights, you may have to consider transferring to Krisflyer to redeem the seats. Cancellation of seats on Velocity and Krisflyer programs involve minimum costs (in my opinion).

Good luck.