Best way to book and optimise frequent flyer point usage when booking Singapore Airlines (business class) from Sydney to Rome?

how far in advance do I need to book on Kris Flyer to secure 2 x business using my FF points. Although Rome is my preferred destination are there other nearby capital cities that I can fly to which will utilise less points on Singapore Airlines. Does Singapore offers specials where the points required are reduced?

Hi Lester,

I note that there is considerable overlap between this question and the question you asked a week or two ago, and which was answered.

The only new question you have asked is whether Singapore offers occasional specials. The answer is yes, and when they occur, PointHacks reports them. However you need to be very flexible and willing to travel on the very small number of dates, and to the very small number of destinations, that the specials cover.

Given your past two questions, can I suggest that you spend some time playing on the Singapore website? Click on “redeem points”, put in some travel dates and destinations, and you’ll find out how easy or difficult it is to find reward availability on those dates, and how far ahead you should look to be booking. You’ll also be able to find out how many points you need to get to other “nearby capitals” (answer: the same you need to get to Rome).

The stricter you are with your dates the earlier you should book.

I try and book 4 months in advance and get great availability, saver or advantage doesn't bother me too much

Lester, availability to destinations such as Rome & Milan are there, but not in abundance. I would suggest you consider flying to something like Istanbul and then paying cash for the short hop to Italy in economy.

Availability to IST is generally better, plus its only 78,000 Krisflyer miles one way from East coast cities, which IMO is a steal.