Best use of Qantas points to get to Croatia

My partner and I are both Qantas frequent flyers and are looking to travel from Melbourne to Croatia (via London potential for a few days but we’re flexible with this) from the 3rd to the 25th August this year. We have both recently taken out new credit cards to take advantage of points offers so should have 130k and 200k points respectively by the time we travel. We’re looking to keep costs down as much as we can but there’s a hitch, my partner is 6’7” so travelling long haul in economy for him is simply not a option (unless it’s a bulkhead Seat) and after not being able to get an upgrade to business when travelling in the US last year he’d rather not risk trying to get an upgrade from economy to business. We’re happy to book an economy seat for me and try to upgrade to premium but with him starting in Premium economy and potentially using points plus pay to keep the costs down. Any suggestions on the best route and how to navigate the best way to keep costs down plus making the most of our points would be greatly appreciated!

Best option…get a shorter partner :slight_smile:

August is peak season so be prepared to be flexible with dates as many of the awards seats are already taken .