Best use of 400,000 Qantas Points?


Firstly, go Point Hacks. I love this website - it really got me started collected points I’d otherwise miss out on…and enjoying the process of doing it.

I currently have around 400,000 Qantas points. Within the next few months I should be close to 500,000.

I’m hoping to plan a great overseas holiday with my wife and baby (who will turn 2 in July 2018) next year.
Ideally I’d love to book RTW oneworld business class tickets before our baby turns 2 (I believe once she’s 2 we have to purchase her a full ticket. Correct?).

But, hey… I’m open to any suggestions you may have.

What are my best options? Aaaaand go…

I agree with your idea: RTW in business class oneworld redemption. 240K points each, and the infant should be free (Qantas don’t charge any points on one way or return, so I assume it’s the same for RTW?)\r\n\r\nOtherwise 128k per person per way to Europe on Emirates business class. Be careful with this one, often the redemption options include 2 stops (Singapore and Dubai) on the way to Europe rather than one. This adds difficulty with the infant (I just did Europe return with my 9 month old; you definitely want to minimise the hassle!)

Thanks @deva22. Good to know I’m on the right track. I thought it was 280K each. Is that still right or has there been a change?

It’s indeed 280k for Business. I may be wrong but the child has to be under 2 when she is flying to qualify for the free infant ticket. i.e. you can’t book before child turns 2 and fly when the child is 2+. Happy to be wrong if anyone else knows otherwise. Hence, best to plan for the RTW before July 2018. Sounds exciting. Good luck.

Cool, thanks for the tip @w-hiew. Very good point about the timing.