Best use of 200,000 Qantas Points to get to Hamburg?

My husband and I are planning a trip with our (by then) 1 year old next May or July to attend a wedding in Hamburg. We are also then hoping to go or come back via Montreal in Canada. We currently have around 200,000 Qantas points and would like to fly at least one of the longer legs business class. We are open to traveling other places in Europe (we’ve done major capital cities before, but would like to do Scandinavia) or North America. We also have 2 Qantas Lounge passes to put to use.

Any tips on how to make the most of our points and passes as well as itinerary tips?


Have a play on

Sydney - Dubai - Hamburg costs 139k Qantas points per person in Business Class.

New York - LAX - Sydney costs 128k Qantas points per person in Business Class.

The 2nd flight should be harder to get because it is more popular. If you are keen to redeem one ticket, I would suggest redeeming for 1 adult and then ringing up Qantas to add your infant to the booking for free.