Best frequent flyer program to focus on for flying to Italy with a family of 4?

Hi I am looking at joining a points system as I am planning on taking my family of 4 to Italy (milan) in 2020
Which points system is easiest to use as a family? and will make it easy to book 4 seats on the same flights?

thank you for your help!



Hi Siggy,

This past article on Point Hacks might be of interest. link

Hi Siggy, it’s hard to get 4 redemption seats on the same flight, especially when traveling in a premium cabin but it can be done. I just came back from SE Asia where we got 4 business class seats on MAS (only booked 8 weeks in advance). 2020 is still a while away so assuming you and your partner have a good credit rating, I would suggest going for 2 new credit cards every year (for both yourself and your partner). If you don’t manage to save up enough points by 2020, perhaps consider flying 2 of you in business class on points and then buy an economy ticket on the same flight for the other 2.  Amex, NAB and Westpac (to name a few) all have some great sign up bonuses on at the moment. Feel free to PM me for some family friendly redemption suggestions!