Best credit card for earning frequent flyer points?

Hey there,

I have been skimming through the forums and reading a lot but didn´t come to a conclusion yet as it seems like a big mess right now to me somehow.

I´m from Europe and now relocated to Australia and flying to Europe now and then and have been with Emirates Skywards and Qantas Frequent Flyer. Now I wanted to chose one of the two programs and make the most out of it.
I have seen that you can transfer Coles shopping rewards and Woolworths points to frequent flyer programs etc.
However, I´m stuck with what I should do and which card to chose.
I am certain I should not use my Emirates Skywards anymore as I can’t get any points over here for it. I usually shop at Coles and was wondering if it is worth going down for a credit card which helps me here or if the points collected there are not substantial?

Can anyone help me out here?


Unfortunately, PointHacks is not allowed to provide recommendation on credit card choices.

Please have a look at the PointHacks Master Credit Card Table here and the Current Credit Card Offers here. They would help you narrow down the card choices based on your specific priorities.

If you have more questions on specific credit cards, please leave a comment on the relevant Point Hacks credit card article/page and we will try and get back to you.