Award Nexus, is it worth it?

This site has been such a fantastic resource and I cant help myself at the moment with all of this info to thinking that I will one day be flying outta somewhere in Business or even First class! But, I am a skeptic. So please prove me wrong.

I have attempted to look up “award flights” from my preferred airline, Qantas. It is basically a dead end street. I have approx a quarter of a million Qantas Frequent Flyer points and would like to book a return flight OS. Using the Qantas website I find nothing available outside of a regular economy seat using redemption. This poses an issue as I don’t want to fly in economy if I don’t have to. I have searched with the “flexible with dates” box ticked and also searched up to the farthest booking you can achieve which is basically a year forward and still nothing but economy seating is available to redeem. *huge sigh

My question is, will purchasing a membership with AwardNexus give me anymore availability or is this just a waste of time or do I need to spend more time reading?

I encourage brutal responses to my ignorant questions.

Just one more thing to check you have been doing correctly. When you do a search on the Qantas website, tick both the Classic Awards box and the flexible dates box. The next screen will show you a calendar view, but you’ll only see economy class icons on any given date. Maybe this is what you’ve been doing?

Above the calendar are boxes for each class. Click each one you’re interested in seeing and then hit the go button, the search will refresh and show all classes. Try that if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the response. Yes to all! Just seems very odd, am I right?

Actually, come to think of it. I did actually see a few different coloured seats available however, the little info icon next to the seat had a text box saying that this section of this route will be in economy. So again, back to the whole economy thing. I wish I had a wider vocabulary and better in explaining my frustration and the issue at hand.

Is there a step by step way that I have not mentioned or that is not in the response you just posted that will get me to see different results on



I don’t have award nexus myself but unless you want to search for different airlines than oneworld partner i don’t it worth it to pay for the nexus services as i find the Qantas Search tool is more than enough ( for myself ) . I regularly use the Qantas to search for Award seat and find that there is alot of availbilty for Cathay , Emirates , Qatar via Search Engine as we looking to book in Trip to Europ by the end of next year . Qantas itself awards seat is less but there is some availability for Sydney route to Bangkok and Singapore , not sure about the US .

For other partner like MH - Malaysia , Japan Airlines and British Airway it won’t show on qantas search engine that you need to open an account with British Airway in order to search for it .

It would be better if you can share the intend route you booking and the dates as well to see if there is any mistake along the process .

Okay… So I may have been a complete nutter. Ney, I AM a complete nutter. I was not clicking and ticking boxes that are needed to yield the results I required.

My apologies for even posting as my ignorance is on a scale that can only be described in ancient Egyptian and lets not go there.

Thank you for the responses and input.

I have successfully found the correct way to use the site and it is all good.

Thanks again.

Troy G