Australia to Europe return Business class upgrade with Qantas / Partner. What are my best options?

Hi All,

Thanks for reading this…

I am looking at taking an overseas holiday in July / August '17 & wanted some advice on the best way to achieve the trip of a lifetime.

Best way is in dot points, so you get the idea…

  • I have approx 130k Qantas points
  • Would like to go to Europe (thinking Germany / France to start) & then tour across Europe, departing out of Spain.
  • Would love to fly an A380 & Business Class either both ways or at least one way…
  • Was thinking that buy economy, then upgrade with affiliate Qantas partner (which uses Qantas flights)

Simple huh? :slight_smile:

I hope so…

Thanks in advance for your advice.


3 months out and travelling to Europe in peak season. Almost all business rewards seats would now be taken. It’s I think 128,000 pts one way.

Regarding your last point. Not sure what you mean by affiliate Qantas. Upgrades with Qantas points can only be used on Qantas operated flights.  But you want to fly in and out from countries not operated by Qantas. If you are doing syd/Mel to Dubai on Qantas you could upgrade but I’d say chances of upgrade are slim as almost all seats are already sold . Unless you are gold or platinum frequent flyer

Thanks Mark for your response.

Yep, unfortunately peak season but I am unexpectedly going thru radio / chemo at the moment & this is my reward when I have got through it…so the timing is what it is (& the best weather).

When you say 128,000 points is that just for the upgrade from economy to business (as would buy the economy or Premium economy ticket).

Happy to fly out of Syd/Melb/Bne & the destination is flexible but in Europe, whether it be France, Germany, London etc… Maybe I could do it to UAE & then buy one ways to Europe & back to UAE?

The affiliate comment relates to an article I read on Points Hack, that you could buy a round the world ticket Business class on Alaska Airlines for less QFF points than with Qantas, but the plane would still be Qantas.

Thanks again