Are you allowed to buy Velocity points to then transfer to Krisflyer miles?

Hey Team,

Just wondering if anyone has used Velocity’s buying points option? My specific question is - are you allowed to buy them to then transfer to Singapore Airlines? I’m looking at making a redemption business class to Europe next December for my wife and I, and given that seats open roughly a year in advance I don’t think I’ll have quite enough points by December of this year. I’ll need about 20,000 KrisFlyer miles ( roughly 27,000 Velocity points if I’ve used the right transfer ratio). Probably too many to earn on my credit card in the next four months.

I read the guide on this site about buying Velocity points and I tried to read as much info on Velocity’s site as I could but it’s a bit unclear (to me at least!) about whether you’re allowed to buy them and then transfer them out… The terms and conditions say:

“Points do not have a cash value and cannot be converted into cash. They cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.”

But then I see that you’re allowed to use them for airline partners, but I’m just not sure if that means you have to redeem them through the Velocity website? Given that they have a 15% discount until the end of august, I’m keen to sort this out!


Sorry that i don’t have the straight answer for your question whether the purchased velocity points can be transferred out of the program or not. \r\n\r\nFurther to what ‘theblank’ suggested, it’s easier to earn velocity points by signing up to a new credit card… For example the ANZ Travel Adventures card gives 40000 velocity points when you spend $500 (annual fees of around $200)…this is an option only if you are in a position to apply/get approved for a new credit card.

You could pick up 20k points in 5 minutes by getting a new Credit Card signup bonus, and have plenty of spare change.  There is plenty of offers, surely you cant have used them all up.

Even better if you have the Amex Platnum Edge.         20k Kris Flyer points can be purchased for free by buying $6666 worth of Woolworths gift cards for $6333 (5%off)  thats about 1 years groceries.

Buying VFF points is very expensive, but once you have them you can surely transfer them to KFF,  If you are worried and really need to rely on the answer just ask Velocity to be sure.