Are using Qantas points for return business class flights to Santiago a good use of points?

Hey guys,
Just wanted to check some thoughts on value for us to purchase 2 x return business on Qantas to Santiago for just under 400k points.
Is this a silly way to spend points?

Definitely a silly way to use points. 400K qantas points could be redeemed for a business class round the world trip for 1. However, if you can’t or prefer not to pay cash, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. It’s just that, there are much better value to be had from your Qantas points.

Edit: @sixtyeight raises a good point. If you are set on the trip and found the rare award space, I can’t disagree with that.

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Hi Captainspeaking,

@djtech knows way more about using points than I ever will… but on this one occasion I need to tentatively and respectfully disagree.

Yes, you have enough points for a RTW trip for one … but you also have enough points to get to Santiago and back for two. You (presumably) want to get to Santiago and you’ve found Classic Flight Reward seats in Business to get there and back. Point hacking is, after all, about pleasure. If it’s something you want to do, and it would make you happy, and the seats are available, go for it.

But let’s crunch some numbers. The cheapest I could see for a return Business class flight (I’m looking at Sydney to Santiago) is just over $6500 return. You can get Classic Flight Rewards seats for 192000 points each return, plus about $800 in fees. That means you’re getting 3c in value per point.

Yes, you can get more than 3c/Qantas point for other routes, including round the world. But on the other hand, getting 3c/point isn’t “definitely silly” either.

I can see djtech’s point… but I can’t help but think that if you have the opportunity to use points on Classic Flight Rewards to get to Santiago and back with your Significant Other, and if it’s something you’d like to do, you should do it. In my book, no long-haul Classic Flight Reward redemption in business is silly.


Thanks team!
Both valid points - we ended up booking as it’s my 40th.
Couldn’t justify the cost if business each way.
So yeah we booked the reward business seats return.
Leaving us 500k points in the bank :grinning:
So far we have flown first class on Emirates to Dubai, business to Japan on Jal and now Business return to Santiago!