Are these award redemption options good use of points?

Hey all,

Looking to get your thoughts on a proposed trip for my wife and I in DEC 2023 - (delayed honeymoon!) How bad is this RE points is there a better option?

Ideal trip: Depart 05/12/23(ish but no earlier)( BNE to YVR (I am from Vancouver originally) wouldn’t care if we had to go via SFO or LAX.

Return to BNE 31/12/23(ish) not fussed on needing to return from YVR, was looking into perhaps a trip over to JFK before coming home.

Ideally I am looking to use points for the entire trip for us. So far I am happy with outbound flights but struggling a bit with best use of points on way back

BNE to SFO business - 95,500K each then a few days later:
SFO to YVR 14k points each (Econ)

Way home is a big harder as I am looking at:

  1. YVR to LAX then LAX to BNE
  2. YVR to SFO then SFO to BNE
  3. YVR to JFK then JFK to BNE (I know it’s not direct to BNE)

Hopefully that isn’t too complicated but any random points or thought for me to look into would be amazing!


Hi @still_den and welcome to our community!

My first thought when I saw your proposed itinerary and dates: have you checked availability?

Don’t worry about the “best use of points”: if you find availability and it’s part of a holiday you want to have, it’s the best use of your points. It’s your honeymoon, after all: if you were paying for it would you be worrying about whether it’s your “best use of money”?


Also, the missus would have unofficial veto power over any potential itinerary hah! Definitely consult her first!