Are there travel agents who will assist in booking flights using points?

I’m sure I read somewhere that there is a travel agency that Point Hacks has linked with who will provide advice re using points etc for those who are time poor/technologically challenged! Anyone know where I can find that info?

Hi @ibriggs

I think these are the people you are thinking of. All the best!

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Yes that’s it thank you!

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Have you contacted them? Would you recommend them?

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Yes I have contacted the Well Connected Traveller and we are in the process of organising trips for next year. At this stage they have found a business class Singapore to London flight with BA for two of us. Be aware that you pay a small fee for them to do research and then if/when they book using your points you pay a further fee, details are on their website. But compared to the cost of actually paying for business class and my own lack of knowledge/effort to chase down all possible flight combinations I think its worth it. Good luck