Are there tools that searches multiple airline programs for award seats?

Hello, Going through each airline’s frequent flyer web site is so time consuming. Whilst they advertise available seating, when you click on it it is an indirect flight through a partner taking 5 times as long. Is there a search tool that will search multiple airlines, in a date range, abilty to select direct and class?

Expertflyer is an online tool that searches award space on almost all airlines and you can search a range of 7 days at a time for a specific class and can filter by stops as well. However, it is a paid service.

Usually the Qantas website searching basically all OneWorld airlines so the options you got there are correct. If you want to filter by non-stop options, searching with American Airlines website is a good option. Keep in mind though that some OneWorld partners aren’t displayed there.

Delta is the best basically for all searching of skyteam partners. You can filter by non-stop and see it in a 5-week calendar.

For star alliance, United is still the best site to search for star alliance availability given that you can see a calendar view with options to filter non-stop. However, note that Singapore Airlines inventory is only available on their own website for booking with their own points.


Thanks. The airlines I’m after specifically are Qantas, Virgin Australia and Singapore. Sounds like I may still need to manually search through the airline web sites.