Are there Emirates first class seat availability for more than one via Qantas?

I have noticed when trying to redeem Qantas Classic Rewards, that Emirates flights via the Qantas website never have more than 1 first class seat available on a flight, regardless of the destination.
I have searched forward for the next 12 months and not been able to ever find 2 first class seats available on the same flight.
This change in policy seems to have happened early this year?
Is Emirates/Qantas ever going to release multiple 1st Class reward seats via the Qantas website in the future, or this a permanent change?
In the previous 5 years you could always find at least some flights that had 2 first class seats available to book

Emirates might be taking a leaf out of Qatar’s book.

The increase(s) in taxes/surcharges isn’t great too.

You could consider experimenting with booking one seat first to see whether the second seat will be released; IF you become desperate.

Things are fairly fluid post-covid so things might change/improve/worsen if you give it a bit more time.

Following this closely as I’m on the same boat as @rscott9999

@w.hiew I thought of doing that exact thing but wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to chase Qantas to refund significant cash/points if unsuccessful.

If either of you/anyone else reading this has any tips on how to redeem for 2x Emirates First tickets OR have tried/tested the approach suggested by @w.hiew works!

Thanks for suggestion, but assuming that booking one 1st class ticket might release a second ticket for booking would mean separate bookings for me and my wife. I just had a 3 leg booking get changed by Qantas at the last moment. If that was 2 separate bookings we could suddenly have one person travelling on separate flights and even on different days. At least with one booking for 2 people if Qantas wants to make a change then they have to take into account the travel itinerary of both people before they make changes

As per my previous response. Separate bookings can cause issues if Qantas make flight changes to one booking and not the other.
I was thinking that if you did somehow get two bookings each with one 1st class seat on the same flight, maybe then if you cancelled both bookings, there would then be 2 tickets available to book under just one booking, but I recently had to cancel a trip with 2 x 1st class seats, but when I checked after I cancelled it, Qantas did not make them available again for anyone else to book

I tried doing what whiew suggested. But didn’t work. 2nd one didn’t become available

Anyone manage to book 2 first class seat on Emirate? Quite disappointing only to find out there is never 2x Emirate first class seats everywhere after year of QFF points collection :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi everettan27. I have been trying with the same result as you if that’s any consolation! I’m beginning to think hen’s teeth are more abundant. Michael S2E5 podcast must have been very fortunate. Keep trying and Good luck. Shep

I booked 2 F class Qantas award flights on EK SYD-AMS for October in Feb this year. Agree the pickings have become much slimmer since