Are there companies that help with booking Qantas award seats?

Is there a company or a service who can book Classic Rewards Flights on your behalf? Who has a P1 status or platinum? Like can you transfer your Qantas points and the taxes required to the service or company booking these flights?

Hi @notmissingwork

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The answer to your question is … sort of. It’s against Qantas FF’s terms and conditions to transfer your points to someone who’s not a family member, and if you get caught you could forfeit all your points and have your Qantas FF membership cancelled. So don’t go down that road.

On the other hand, there are businesses that will help you to use your points to find and book your own award seats. The two I know of are below (the first one is recommended by Point Hacks, and the second is recommended by Australian Frequent Flyer).

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