Are there any website or tools that compares the required point costs for a route by frequent flyer program?


I’m trying to work out which Frequent Flyer points worth the best.
At the moment I just go to Qantas, Virgin and Singapore Airlines website manually 1 by 1 to compare Melbourne/Sydney to Singapore/Hongkong redemption points required and the tax required.

Just wondering if there is website out there or tools that able to do this? Tools like ExpertFlyer doesn’t seem to have this function available.

Thank you

Hi astroboy

The below link can be useful to get an idea of how many points are needed for a specific route with different FF programs. It doesn’t give the details of the tax/charges though.



Try or .

For taxes it is similar for a certain route. US-based programs do no pass on carrier surcharges. Some programs charge surcharges. Qantas/Emirates are one of them.

Try Google Matrix to estimate taxes.