Are there any travel insurance companies that cover point/miles redeemed on flights?

I’ve just booked QFF business flights to Europe. And want to be sure that I find a travel insurance that will cover us, incase the flights/ trip is cancelled(by me or an airline) Not only is it a lot of points to lose but the taxes run at around $2 k as well.
There’s an ambiguous statement in the AMEX INS( not cc)…as follows…
‘Air & Reward Points
If You purchase an airline ticket using frequent flyer or similar air travel points and Your Journey is subsequently cancelled, curtailed or unable to be completed due to any unforeseen circumstances outside Your control, and the loss of such points cannot be recovered from any other source, We will calculate the amount We pay as follows:

  1. the cost of an equivalent class airline ticket based on the quoted retail price at the time the ticket was issued;
  2. deducting Your financial contribution toward the airline ticket;
  3. multiplying the amount by the residual total number of points lost divided by the total number of points used to obtain the ticket.’

Can anyone advice on what companies they use. Thanks

Hi mosue,

I can only suggest that you peruse the following link for a credit card that you currently hold and go through the PDS.

Insurance is an ever changing thing so it is very difficult to provide advice and we are predominantly a website advising on points.

Credit Card Insurances Summary Table

There are definitely credit card insurance that cover point bookings. CBA and Amex cards cover award bookings. Every card has their own qualifying terms.

Regarding whether the policy pay out your points in the event of a claim, again there are too many policies out there to comment on.

Hopefully, others have specific experiences to share on.