Are there any recommendations for paid redemption services - redeeming Cathay Pacific flights with Qantas points?

Good morning to all out there
I am a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer, I have identified some preferred flights to travel to Japan on CX (J) and I have enough points and would like to redeem 2 1-way J tickets. But because I am a ‘red’ member, I suspect that I do not get to see all the available options; and I am one of the last to see tickets available for redemption.
Question is -
Is there anyone out there who can assist me redeem the required tickets (though using Qantas points, not Asia Miles), or know of companies that provides this service? As compensation, I expect to re-pay the correct QF points and any applicable taxes plus an appropriate fee.
Look forward to your advice and many thanks

I think a better strategy would be to find a gold member among your friends, family or colleagues and ask them to look at the flights and see if they can get them. There is no guarantee that anyone higher in the program would get the seats, as if it’s full and peak season there may not be any business classic rewards available anyway.

I can’t think of any companies out there who do that, mainly because strictly speaking you’re doing a dodgy and violating Qantas’ terms of service. If you got caught Qantas would be within their rights to confiscate the points and cancel your account, so nobody could openly market that service. The only way I can think of for you to do this is if you find a friend with status who’s willing to help. You could set up a family transfer to them, and they could book the seats for you under your name.

I wouldn’t be seeking out people online and asking to transfer it to them to help you out. It’s inherently risky with someone you don’t know, because once you transfer the points there’s no guarantee you’d get what you want from them. They have your 10’s or 100’s of thousands of points and now they have no incentive to do what you wanted, and you have no re-course to get the points back if they don’t.

‘Jimmy Mcpoints’ thank you very much for your response.