Are there any private health insurance that earns KrisFlyer miles?


I am about to purchase a health insurance, I have seen Bupa which offers 18K~ velocity for a affordable cover.

Just wondering if there is any other option I should look at, saving eventually for KrisFlyer.
I also have flybuys.


Unfortunately Krisflyer doesn’t have a partnership with any insurance providers here in Australia. But the good thing is that you can transfer your 18k Velocity points to Krisflyer if you really wanted but keeping it as velocity is the best value. I believe coles has insurance that earns you flybuys points but I’m not too sure. Alternatively, Qantas is also an option earning you qantas points on their own branded health insurance. Also, sometimes it’s just not worth the money extra to get the bonus points when you could’ve gotten a cheaper insurance product so do check your opportunity cost there and not get blinded by the bonus points. Keep in mind too Krisflyer points expire in 3 years.